Image of Nintendo NX Controller Leaks Online And Gamers Are Furious


Nintendo is being incredibly secretive about its upcoming console - codenamed NX - which is why any rumours about what the gadget might look like is big news for gamers.

This week, ‘leaked’ photos appeared on Reddit and for once, they appear to be surprinsgly convincing, matching design patents that were filed by Nintendo last year.

However, the new pictures have caused a flurry of anger among gamers with many expressing outrage at the bizarre design, dismissing it as gimmick and claiming that Nintendo has ‘lost the plot’.


Gamers are outraged by the lack of physical controls on the new device (Perkele37)

The long-awaited Nintendo NX is the Japanese gaming giant’s follow-up to the popular Wii U console.

The Reddit user who supplied the photos - Perkele37 - also provided a few extra details about the controller, saying that only the upper ‘nubs’ of the sticks move, while the rollers on the top feel like a mouse scroll wheel.

The Redditor also claimed that the controller feature haptic feedback, like the ‘taptic’ engine found on the Apple Watch and that there was also a 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom.


The leaked photos appear to match patents filed by the gaming brand last year (Nintendo)

While many Nintendo fans expressed their outrage at the new design, many were skeptical over the whether the photos were genuine or not.

According to some, the photos shows signs that the device may have been produced using a 3D printer, which points to a hoax, rather than something produced by Nintendo.

The gadget is also suspiciously similar to the patents filed by Nintendo in 2015 - it’s likely that the actual prototype will have been modified substantially in the meantime.

Nintendo has not commented on the ‘leaked’ pictures.

Image credit: Perkele37