'Imma Sue You': Jokester Grandpa Who Tripped and Fell on Child Makes Quick Recovery

A security camera at a home in Albany, Georgia, recorded the amusing moment when a mischievous grandpa approaching the front door fell on his grandson, and joked about it after making sure the child was fine.

The footage was recently captured by Lakeshia Walden’s home system and shows “Papa” tripping on a step and collapsing on his grandson, sending the boy into a flower bush.

After the man checked in on the boy, he can be heard jokingly saying, “Imma sue you.”

Walden told Storyful that Papa was great with the kids and was a funny man who couldn’t resist a joke – adding that this time, the joke was on him. Credit: Lakeshia Walden via Storyful

Video transcript

- What's up?


- Camera recording.



- You all right?

- Yes.


- You OK, Papa? You OK, Papa?


- Be careful.

- [INAUDIBLE], are you OK?

- Yes.

- I'm gonna sue y'all. That shit ain't funny. [INAUDIBLE] my babies with me [INAUDIBLE].

- Papa, no.

- Come on. I'll pick you up. [INAUDIBLE]. Come on. I'm going to pick you up. Come on.

- I'm scared.

- I got you.

- Papa--


- Come on.


- That's a new dog. He ain't going to bother you.