In pictures: Stunning drone images capture England as it has never been seen before

Stunning drone images have shown England as it has never been seen before, from a striking shot of Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park to a perfect aerial view of Yew Maze in Kent.

The pictures offer a new perspective, putting architecture, nature, and humanity on display from unusual heights and angles.

Chris Gorman, 46, has been a press photographer for 25 years, but says drone photography has allowed him to market himself in a totally different, more creative way.

Gorman, who got into drones two years ago, says the small aerial vehicles are taking photography to new heights.


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"Everything in the world has been photographed from the ground so many times, but not from the air and not in such creative and fresh ways,” he told Yahoo News.

Gorman uses a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone and holds a PFCO (permission for commercial operations), which every drone owner must now have if using a drone commercially following the Gatwick airport drone incident in December last year.

To get the perfect image he likes to use the drone for creative angles.

“The drone goes where a human can’t,” he said. “It's like magic.

“For example, Winter Wonderland had never been photoed from the air – it completely shows it from a far more dynamic way than a photo from the ground ever could.”