Ina Garten’s Ham Is the ‘Easiest Easter Dinner on the Planet’

The foolproof ham only requires six ingredients

<p>Theo Wargo/Getty; Getty</p> Ina Garten

Theo Wargo/Getty; Getty

Ina Garten

Ina Garten has a foolproof recipe for Easter this year.

The Barefoot Contessa star shared the go-to ham recipe she makes when she’s trying to impress people – and save herself time in the kitchen.

“This Baked Virginia Ham is probably the easiest Easter dinner on the planet!” she wrote in an Instagram post. “All you do is mix together 6 ingredients for the glaze, pour it over a fully cooked, spiral-cut smoked ham, and bake it for an hour.”

The recipe is fresh and fruit-forward as it includes mango chutney, orange zest and orange juice, garlic, brown sugar and Dijon mustard.

The tender and juicy-looking main has been a crowd pleaser among her own family and friends, Garten said.

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“I served it to a guest once, and he said, ‘If I'd known ham was this good, I would have wished I wasn't Jewish!’ 😂” she quipped in the caption.

The recipe is available in her Barefoot Contessa cookbook and on her website.

Earlier this month, the Food Network star got a headstart on Easter prep when she shared how to fancy up the carrot cake she sells on food delivery site Goldbelly.

In an adorable video, Garten wore a pair of pink Easter bunny ears. “Is it Easter yet?” she said excitedly at the start of the video. She then decorated the top of the cake with classic Easter candy like Jelly beans and chocolate eggs.

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<p>Ina Garten/Instagram</p> Ina Garten Easter Video

Ina Garten/Instagram

Ina Garten Easter Video

Also this month, the home chef made waves when a Barefoot Contessa video resurfaced online causing passionate opinions from fans. The cookbook author described her favorite way to slice a bagel — but rather than cutting the breakfast staple in half, Garten demonstrated how she likes to divide it in thirds horizontally.

“Instead of having a big, thick bagel, I like to cut it in thirds,” the Be My Guest with Ina Garten host explained in the decade-old video. “So instead, you get a nice little sandwich” using only two slices.

She added: “I think it tastes better.”

Many viewers liked Garten’s method, like one fan who wrote, “She’s onto something!” Others suggested using all three slices, calling a triple-decker bagel sandwich “a vibe.”

But there were plenty of naysayers who didn't agree with her technique: “Dont mess with my bagel i want it all,” one commenter said.

Another commenter found themselves conflicted. “This felt like a crime but it’s ina,” they said.

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