Inbetweeners Star Simon Bird Has Been A Dad For SIX Months

Shhhh… Simon Bird has become a dad.


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He kept that one quiet. The 31-year-old actor fathered a son at the start of the year and managed to keep a secret all this time.

His Friday Night Dinner co-star Tom Rosenthal accidently let slip the news when the pair were interviewed by Heat magazine.

Speaking about the show, Tom said: “Simon very cleverly watched it only after we finished filming Friday Night Dinner, because if he didn’t like it, that would have made things very awkward. It would be like me saying his kid is s**t.

And the little tott – whose name was not revealed – has started to copy his dad’s funny facial expressions.


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Tom added: “Luckily, his kid is actually bloody great. He’s got this bobbing head. And he’s got this ‘Simon Bird’ slightly judgmental air about him… He’s bloody great.”

Simon chipped in: “He is quite judgmental. He’s only six months. He’s only six months old but I feel like he’s already patronising me. It’s great.“

Aww… we wonder if he has his dad’s comedy eyebrows yet?

Simon and Lisa met when they attended Cambridge University and were both members of the comedy club.

They wed in 2012 surrounded by Simon’s Inbetweeners co-stars and family.

Congratulations Simon and Lisa!