Incidents down on yob-plagued Netherfields estate as nine 24/7 CCTV cameras installed by police

Vaughan Shops in Netherfields, Middlesbrough
Vaughan Shops in Netherfields, Middlesbrough -Credit:Teesside Live

Police say incidents are reducing on a Middlesbrough estate plagued by yobs.

Residents living in Netherfields previously said they were left "fearing" for their own homes after increased reports of crime and anti-social behaviour earlier this year. Teesside Live visited the estate back in March, where locals described how "feral" yobs were wreaking havoc on the area around Vaughan Shops.

However, after several dispersal orders and weeks of action from Cleveland Police, reports of incidents appear to be reducing. Now, nine CCTV cameras have been added in hopes of bringing down the incidents further - and local pizza shops have even agreed not to serve anyone under 18-years-old without an adult.

During a recent week of action starting April 23, engagement activity was carried out around the shopping parade and with local schools. Enforcement notices were issued and 11 antisocial behaviour contracts (ABCs) were dished out. Relevant shops now also have signs clearly displayed stating that kids under the age of 18 should not be served without an adult.

Thirteen housing had already been in touch with families in the area to issue warnings to any tenants who have children who have been involved in the antisocial behaviour.

Authorities to 'ensure residents can live without fear or worry'

Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Policing Team Inspector Chris Hartshorne said: “We have been responding to reports of increased crime and antisocial behaviour in the Netherfields area alongside our partners for a number of weeks now, and we are starting to see the number of incidents coming down.

“Whilst the number of incidents means less victims and this is what we all want, we are not complacent, and following the week of action our work will continue alongside partners to ensure that residents can live in the area without fear or worry.

Shattered windows at the Vaughan Shopping Centre
Shattered windows at the Vaughan Shopping Centre -Credit:Teesside Live

“Over the last week there has been lots of engagement carried out at Vaughan Shops with residents and schools, we have linked in with 130 school children and the council have secured nine new 24/7 CCTV cameras covering the area. These cameras should act as not only a visual deterrent, but they can also help us gather evidence to help with prosecutions in the event of any further incidents.”

A Middlesbrough Council spokesman said: “Crime and antisocial behaviour can blight whole neighbourhoods, but this week of action is a great example of what can be achieved through close working with our partners and the local community. We will continue to use all powers at our disposal to resolve these issues, and urge members of the public and businesses to report problems to us so they can be dealt with quickly and effectively.”

Thirteen’s antisocial behaviour resolution lead Luke Metcalfe said: “We want our customers to feel safe in their homes, so following the week of action, we hope that the local community in Netherfields feels reassured, as we are taking action and progressing with tenancy enforcement where it’s necessary. We’ll continue to work closely with partner agencies to tackle reports of antisocial behaviour, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our customers.”