‘Incredible’ new Oppenheimer trailer drives Christopher Nolan fans ‘feral’

A new trailer for Oppenheimer has been released – kicking the hype for Christopher Nolan’s new film up a notch.

The celebrated director of The Dark Knight and Interstellar’s forthcoming project focuses on the story of J Robert Oppenheimer, the American physicist who developed the nuclear bomb.

In the film, he is played by Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy, who is backed by an all-star supporting cast including Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr, Florence Pugh, Rami Malek, Emily Blunt, Gary Oldman, Dane DeHaan, Kenneth Branagh, Matthew Modine, Casey Affleck, Alden Ehrenreich, and Jason Clarke.

The new trailer gave fans a first look at Tom Conti, who will be appearing in the film as Albert Einstein.

Fans effusively praised the new trailer, which gave the most detailed look at Oppenheimer yet.

“The amount of chills and goosebumps on my body right now is insane,” one commented. “Christopher Nolan is the Perfect Director for this and Murphy is the perfect choice for Oppenheimer! I cannot wait to see this in Dolby or IMAX. The bar is set extremely high.”

“OPPENHEIMER’S TRAILER LOOKS SO F***ING INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” another enthused.

“Goodmorning new Oppenheimer trailer I’m going absolutely feral rn,” someone else wrote.

Cillian Murphy in ‘Oppenheimer’ (© Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.)
Cillian Murphy in ‘Oppenheimer’ (© Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.)

In a recent interview, Murphy opened up about the “very Engish” way he learned he had won the lead role.

After featuring in a supporting capacity in several of Nolan’s previous films, the Irish star said he was “desperate” to land the role of Oppenheimer.

“I have always said publicly and privately, to Chris, that if I’m available and you want me to be in a movie, I’m there. I don’t really care about the size of the part,” Murphy said. “But deep down, secretly, I was desperate to play a lead for him.”

Oppenheimer will be released in cinemas on 21 July.