Incredible video shows diver 'cycling' on the Firth of Forth

a man on a water bicycle on the Firth of Forth water
-Credit: (Image: @lloydyyb TikTok)

An incredible video of a man 'cycling' on the Firth of Forth has been shared on social media.

The TikTok video shows the diver, known as Lloyd B, as he takes on the daring challenge near Edinburgh - and locals were impressed.

The 29-year-old's video had already been viewed more than 11,000 times by Wednesday May 22, with social media users keen to get in on the action.

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The Scottish commercial diver shared the impressive video of himself 'cycling' on the Firth of Forth, and under the Forth Bridge - with the sound of a train going overhead.

The bike he is using is a 'Manta5' Hydrofoiler -a motor assisted vehicle that can reach up to 13 miles per hour.

As Lloyd is asked how far he can cycle, he responds: "I don't what I've just done there. I should have really tracked it. I know you can do a fair whack."

The diver shows beautiful scenes at the shore at South Queensferry and over to Fife.

On his company website, eFoil Scotland, He offers lessons starting from £90 on the Manta5 vehicle. The Manta5 website states: "70 per cent of the worlds surface is now open for cycling" claim that foil biking should be considered the finest cycling experience – elevated by water.

Commenters were both amused and impressed, one commented: "Who knew you could ride a bike on water".

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A second commenter asked: "Was this a a couple months ago because I swear I seen you from a garden with my dad".

A third wrote: "A water bike before GTA6".

Others were keen how much the amazing invention costs, asking: "How much was the bike - want to buy one".

Lloyd replied to the commenter: "Expensive to purchase starting around £8k but you can have a lesson on ours from £90".

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