Independence ‘proudly on page one, line one’ of SNP manifesto – John Swinney

SNP leader John Swinney has said that independence will “proudly sit on page one, line one” of his party’s General Election manifesto when it is launched next week.

Speaking ahead of the launch, the First Minister said the manifesto would offer people in Scotland a “real vision of hope”, in contrast to the “continuing despair” being offered by Westminster.

He said SNP MPs would oppose spending cuts and propose investment in public services like the NHS, and that his party would push for independence so that Scotland could “match the success of our European neighbours”.

Mr Swinney said: “Austerity, Brexit and the cost-of-living crisis were all made in Westminster – and in this campaign the SNP is exposing just how much these bad decisions have damaged Scotland.

“In this election it is the SNP who is offering the real alternative to the cosy Westminster consensus. Our manifesto will focus on the issues that matter most to people, offering a real vision of hope in stark contrast to the continuing despair being offered by Westminster.

“SNP MPs will stand fully against public spending cuts – whether they are Tory cuts or Labour cuts. Instead, we will propose investment in our people and public services like our NHS – to build a sustainable economy which works for everyone.

“Fundamentally, we will make the case that decisions about our future should be made in Scotland, for Scotland.

“It is only by becoming independent that we can secure the powers we need to match the success of our European neighbours – and that is why independence will proudly sit on page one, line one of our manifesto.”