Ineos Reveals Grenadier SUV Prototypes and Ornate Special Edition

ineos grenadier prototypes
Ineos Reveals Promising Grenadier SUV PrototypesIneos
  • Ineos revealed four prototypes at the Goodwood Festival of Speed that suggest possible future variants of the Grenadier SUV.

  • The prototypes include one powered by a GM-sourced V-8 and a rally version that will compete at Dakar in 2025.

  • Ineos also showed the first special-edition Grenadier modified by its Arcane Works division.

Deliveries of the old-school Ineos Grenadier SUV finally kicked off in the United States earlier this year following the start of production at the company's facility in Hambach, France, in 2022. The British automaker has since added a pickup truck variant called the Quartermaster. Now, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Ineos is showing off a series of prototypes that hint at potential versions of the Grenadier that could join the lineup in the future.

Four Promising Prototypes

ineos grenadier quartermaster by letech

None of the prototypes are confirmed for production, but they all seem somewhat feasible. First up is a more extreme off-road Quartermaster that has been modified by a German firm called LeTech, which raised the truck by fitting portal axles and offset wheel hubs. The pickup now rides 10.4 inches higher and has a wading depth of 41.3 inches, up by nearly 10 inches. The LeTech-modified Quartermaster also sports larger off-road tires and a series of auxiliary lights atop the roof to complete the all-terrain look.

This goofy looking pickup is actually based on the Grenadier SUV instead of the Quartermaster and is nicknamed the "Shortermaster." It's the handiwork of Ineos engineers at the Hambach factory, and since it is derived from the SUV, it has a wheelbase that is 12 inches shorter than that of the production-spec Quartermaster. Ineos shifted the rear seats forward to increase the space in the bed, although the rear-mounted spare tire may hamper the added capacity.

ineos grenadier v8 prototype

While the standard Grenadier borrows its 3.0-liter six-cylinder powertrain from BMW, this prototype is fitted with a General Motors-sourced 6.2-liter V-8 engine producing 425 horsepower and 461 pound-feet of torque. Crafted by engineering apprentices at Magna, which assisted with the Grenadier's development, the engine swap necessitated redesigned engine mounts, new engine electronics, revised water and oil cooling systems, and a new exhaust manifold. Work was also performed on the transmission bearings and heat shields. The center console had to be redone too, and the V-8 prototype gains a small hood scoop.

ineos grenadier rally prototype

Ineos also revealed a rally-ready version of the Grenadier built by Buzz Special Vehicles that's fully compliant with the FIA in order to compete in the 2025 World Rally-Raid Championship, which includes the grueling Dakar Rally. The BMW inline-six has been massaged to produce 349 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque, increases of 67 horses and 74 pound-feet over the standard engine. There is also a sport exhaust system, racing suspension, beefier brakes, and unique wheels. The cabin has been stripped out and fitted with a roll cage, racing bucket seats, and carbon interior door panels. Roof vents further add to the aggressive look.

Bespoke Grenadiers

Along with the four prototypes, Ineos revealed the first special-edition Grenadier produced by its new Arcane Works department. The Grenadier Detour will be limited to just 200 units and allows customers to reach a new level of personalization for their classically styled SUVs. The Detour wears unique 18-inch forged wheels, while the grille has a more ornate look with silver trim. The Detour is also differentiated by special headlight surrounds and an exterior contrast package with new color options for the front and rear skid plates, roof rails, and rear-mounted ladder.

ineos grenadier detour

The Detour offers four new hand-polished paint colors (Magma Red, Whiteout Blue, Squall Green, and Storm Force Silver) but a color-matching program also lets buyers select a hue that matches a sample they provide. The six-cylinder engine is paired with a new exhaust system that is supposed to create a more emotional sound.

Inside, the transmission tunnel, doors, and air vents can be wrapped in two new satin finishes. The seats can be upholstered in one of four quilted leather options, and there are two cashmere headliner choices. A laser-etched aluminum door sill notes this as a special edition, and the Arcane Works badging throughout is crafted by a British jeweler. In the future, Ineos says that the Arcane Works team will create even more unique variants with changes such as engine modifications as well as chassis upgrades.

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