Influencer Jasmine Yong announces drowning death of toddler son

Lifestyle influencer Jasmine Yong is mourning the loss of her toddler son, who drowned in a hotel on Mother’s Day weekend.

The Malaysian social media personality announced to her 475,000 Instagram followers that 2-year-old Enzo, whom she shared with husband Lim Kong Wang, died after the devastating accident.

“Our baby of Heze has gone up to be a happy little angel,” she wrote in the May 18 post, according to a translation. “It’s no longer painful or hard. Thank you all for your prayers and blessings.”

Yong noted that the family was staying in a hotel to celebrate Mother’s Day and, following a nap on May 11, the parents noticed their son was missing.

“The originally locked door of the indoor pool had been opened,” she said.

Though they found the little boy inside and unresponsive, the frantic parents were unable to call for help “due to poor hotel network.”

Yong noted her husband went to find help “but nobody answered,” and they ultimately rushed down to the lobby with their son, asking staff to call paramedics “and help do first aid until the ambulance arrived.”

Enzo’s heartbeat was “recovered” shortly after they arrived at the hospital, but he was comatose, according to his mother.

“The baby worked hard until yesterday afternoon when the baby stopped heartbeat with full oxygen supply. Nobody wants this accident to happen,” she said. “Things are not complicated. Don’t mistake any rumors. Protecting the baby and family is the greatest comfort to us.”

Two days prior to sharing news of Enzo’s passing, Yong and Wang revealed that the tot was in the ICU and called on their hundreds of thousands of followers to offer their “strength and blessings.”

Enzo’s parents have regularly posted videos of the late tot on his Instagram account, which has over 100,000 followers, since announcing his passing.