Influencer pays tribute to 'little angel' after one-year-old son drowned as she napped


Malaysian influencer Jasmine Yong has shared the heartbreaking news that her 23-month-old son Enzo died after drowning in a swimming pool.

Jasmine took to Instagram to share the news, writing that she and her husband Lim Kong Wang had checked into a hotel to celebrate Mother's Day on Saturday, May 11 with their young son, and that, "as always, he snuggled around us drinking milk and fell asleep".

Lim and Jasmine then had a nap but when they woke, they discovered that the locked door that led to the indoor pool had been opened, and Enzo was in the water. She performed emergency CPR but they were unable to call the emergency service "due to poor hotel network," according to the translated caption.

They then "rushed to the hotel lobby with the baby and asked the hotel staff to help call [for an] ambulance," and the staff helped perform first aid until the ambulance arrived.

However, although Enzo's heartbeat was recovered he was in a coma.

"[He] worked hard until yesterday afternoon when [his] heartbeat stopped" due to insufficient oxygen supply. "No one wants this accident to happen," she concluded to her almost 500,000 followers, adding: "Please let baby Enzo leave in peace, thank you."

The post showed the memorial table that they had created, which featured a frame pictured of Enzo, along with his favorites items including bananas, muffins and Yakult drinks.

Jasmine shared video of what appeared to be a memorial for Enzo
Jasmine shared video of what appeared to be a memorial for Enzo (Jasmine Yong)

Enzo, who would have turned two in early July, had his own social media account, and Jasmine has been posting videos of his short time on Earth in remembrance.

She had first shared news of the accident on May 16, writing that he was "in the intensive care unit" and asking for "everyone's strength and blessings to pray that Enzo will wake up quickly and come back home".

Lim and Jasmine welcomed their son on July 3, 2022 and announced his birth with an adorable picture of his feet in their hands. "Little friends say hello to the world. The first time I met you, you're flushed. My face is pale but full of joy," a translated caption reads.