Injured wild dolphin swims to nearby divers for help - video

The poor creature had got entangled in a fishing line and its hook was caught in its fin

A group of divers had an experience to remember when an injured dolphin swam up to them in desperate need of assistance.

The poor creature had become entangled in a fishing line and a hook was caught in its fin, preventing it from swimming properly.

A diver with a camera managed to capture the incredible moment when the dolphin seemed to solicit their help.

Whilst the divers watched manta rays near Kona, Hawaii, the wild bottlenose dolphin swam up close lingered nearby.

It was not long before one of the professional divers was able to spot the dolphin was in distress.

In an unexpected move, the dolphin presented itself to the diver, Keller Laros, positioning itself in a way that would help his human helper remove the fishing line.

The dolphin patiently waited for Mr Laros to cut the line, rolling onto its back and adjusting its position to give the diver better access.

After quickly surfacing for a breath of air, the clever animal returned and his diving companions completed the job of disintangling him.

Once the dolphin was freed of the fishing line it calmly and happily swam away.