Injuries appear minor after VCSC bus hits hits power lines

May 13—A school bus with students inside crashed Monday afternoon and power lines then fell on the bus, according to the Vigo County School Corp.

The accident occurred on Bennett Lane near West Terre Haute when the bus driver succumbed to a "medical situation" and became unconscious while at the wheel, said Katie Shane, the school district's communications officer.

There were a total of 10 students on board, a combination of high-school and middle-school students, Shane said.

Initially, the power lines were thought to be live, but later, Duke Energy determined that none were. The students did not exit the vehicle until it was determined the lines were safe.

The bus driver regained consciousness and was taken to Union Hospital for treatment, Shane said.

Sugar Creek Fire Department reported that four students were also taken to Union Hospital for minor injuries or to be further checked by doctors.

The other six students were released to their parents after being cleared by Transcare staff on the scene.

The bus driver's wife and daughter visited the accident scene to check on his condition.

"Hearing 'bus accident' and then seeing the first images from the scene, it was shocking and certainly of great concern," says VCSC Superintendent Chris Himsel.

"Student safety is our top priority, and we're grateful that at this time all injuries — students and bus driver — are said to be minor," he said. "We're thankful for the teams who responded quickly and for the students who stayed calm, stayed with their bus driver and cooperated with first responders."

Bennett Lane was closed to traffic. Shane said street lights were out in the area, as was power in parts of West Terre Haute.