'Inside Out 2' Interviews with Amy Poehler, Maya Hawke, Tony Hale, Paul Walter Hauser And More

 Inside Out 2 Cast interviews with CinemaBlend.
Credit: Pixar Animation

"Inside Out 2" boasts a stellar cast that includes Amy Poehler ("Joy"), Maya Hawke ("Anxiety"), Tony Hale ("Fear"), Liza Lapira ("Disgust"), Paul Walter Hauser ("Embarrassment"), and Lewis Black ("Anger"). CinemaBlend’s Jeff McCobb chatted with them, as well as filmmakers Kelsey Mann And Mark Nielsen, to discuss everything from conceptualizing Maya Hawke’s "Anxiety" to hiring an advisory group of teenaged girls and, of course, paying tribute to Bing Bong a full decade after that devastating loss.

Video Chapters:

0:00 - Intro / Amy Poehler And Maya Hawke Interrogate Jeff About Crying

0:25 - ‘Pour One Out For Bing Bong’: Amy Poehler & The Cast Open Up About The Beloved Character

2:20 - Lewis Black And Paul Walter Hauser On What Emotions To Bring Into ‘Inside Out 3’

2:55 - Why Maya Hawke Had Anxiety Playing 'Anxiety'

3:50 - How Kelsey Mann Conceptualized Anxiety For ‘Inside Out 2’

4:43 - Tony Hale Is Jealous That Jeff Has A Crush On Disgust

5:30 - Bringing Xanax And German Emotions Into The ‘Inside Out’ Universe

6:45 - Paul Walter Hauser And Lewis Black Talk Smack On Vin Diesel And Bill Maher

7:55 - Tony Hale And Liza Lapira Explain Why ‘Inside Out 2’ Is A Sports Movie

8:20 - ‘Inside Out 2’ Filmmakers Discuss Their Advisory Group Of Teenaged Girls

9:25 - 'I've Been Thanking That Guy Every Day':Paul Walter Hauser’s Meteoric Rise Since ‘Richard Jewell’

9:55 - Amy Poehler Tries To Guess How Many Emmy Nominations She Has