Inside Grantchester star Robson Green's life off screen in pretty Northumberland market town

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Robson Green, best known for his role as Detective Inspector Geordie Keating in ITV's Grantchester, has also hosted a variety of shows such as Extreme Fishing, Extreme Fishing Challenge and Tales from Northumberland.

The 59-year-old Grantchester star enjoys a peaceful life off-screen in a quaint market town where the average house price is £284,000.

Having portrayed the character of Detective Inspector in Grantchester for a decade, Robson has been a familiar face on British television for many years.

His acting journey began with the BBC series Casualty, after which he gained nationwide recognition for his portrayal of fusilier Dave Tucker in the drama series Soldier Soldier.

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Subsequently, he starred in several ITV dramas including Touching Evil, Grafters and Reckless, and played the role of clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Hill in the crime drama Wire in the Blood.

In addition to his acting career, Robson has presented numerous documentaries. One of his earliest and most successful was Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green on ITV, a series that explored his home county of Northumberland over three seasons.

Other notable documentary series he has presented include Robson Green's Weekend Escapes, Extreme Fishing, Extreme Fishing Challenge and Hadrian's Wall with Robson Green.

Hexham market town, Northumberland
Hexham is the happiest place to live in the North East and the 10th happiest place in the UK, according to Rightmove -Credit:Newcastle Chronicle

When not on screen, Robson leads a quiet life in Hexham, Northumberland, residing in a picturesque 350-year-old cottage.

The quaint market town of Hexham boasts a wealth of historical sites, including the esteemed Hexham House, Sele Park, the ancient Hexham Old Gaol, and the magnificent Hexham Abbey, dating back to 674 AD.

Born in Hexham but raised in Dudley, a modest mining village near Cramlington in Northumberland, the television personality has strong ties to the area.

It is understood that the celebrity's residence is situated along the River Tyne, enveloped by picturesque, bucolic landscapes.

In an interview with Radio Times, Robson once shared: "I've got Hadrian's Wall to the north and there are pheasants and deer in the garden every morning."

Sadly, in 2015, his abode suffered extensive damage due to flooding, resulting in the loss of numerous personal items beneath a devastating seven feet of water.

Hexham market town, Northumberland
The little town of Hexham is beautiful and is home to a plethora of notable attractions -Credit:Newcastle Chronicle

Nestled close to the River Tyne, the cottage is ideally located for Robson to indulge in his passion for fly fishing.

Post-flood, the property has been refurbished and fortified against future flooding incidents.

Property prices in Hexham remain quite reasonable, with the past year seeing an average sale price of £284,105 as per Rightmove, the UK's largest property website.

Over the last year, detached homes were the most common sales in Hexham, fetching an average of £450,481. Terraced houses averaged at £230,910, while semi-detached homes attained an average of £269,955.

Overall, sold prices in Hexham over the last year were six percent down on the previous year and three percent down on the 2021 peak of £291,723.