Inside Lulu's love life from marriage to Bee Gees star, celebrity hairdresser husband and David Bowie fling

TV host Lorraine was surprised when Lulu admitted it is a "farewell tour" as she reflected on the impact of her last tour and exclaimed "I'm seventy five!"
Lulu won Eurovision 55 years ago -Credit:Getty Images

Tonight, the Eurovision final kicks off in Sweden with millions tuning in worldwide for the iconic event.

It's also hard to believe that it was 55 years ago that Scots singer Lulu won the crown with Boom Bang a Bang and has been known as a musical icon ever since.

However, it's not just her music talents that she's known for as the 75-year-old has had quite the colourful love life.

We take a look back on her romances over the years...

Maurice Gibb

In 1969, Lulu married her first husband, Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees. They tied the knot in Gerrards Cross. Their marriage became somewhat strained due to their demanding careers and Gibb's battle with alcoholism, ultimately leading to their divorce in 1973.

Lulu and first husband Maurice Gibb from the Bee Gees
Lulu and first husband Maurice Gibb from the Bee Gees -Credit:LF/LFI

Despite the end of their marriage, Lulu and Maurice remained on good terms.

David Bowie

Lulu also experienced a notable "amazing" relationship with David Bowie. However, she later admitted feeling "frightened" by his hedonistic lifestyle.

She admitted she was “mesmerised” by the Ziggy Stardust legend she met by chance in a Sheffield hotel in the 70s.

She’s talked about their affair regularly over the years, since she wrote about it in her 2002 autobiography, I Don’t Want to Fight. “Has there ever been an odder couple?” she asked in that book.

“When he focused on me I felt like the only person in the room, in the universe, I found him intoxicating. It was the sexual chemistry which drew us together,” she wrote.

“He was just mesmeric and he had the best thighs I had ever seen.”

But she ended it after struggling to cope with what she calls his “druggy” lifestyle. "His scene at the time was very druggy and weird and I never felt very comfortable with it.

On the Rosebud podcast, she stated: "I had a relationship with David Bowie, that was kind of amazing really. We recognised something in each other."

John Frieda

In 1977, Lulu went on to wed her second husband, renowned hairdresser John Frieda, who she calls “the love of her life”. Back then he was an unknown assistant at her Belgravia salon but he’s gone on to become one of the most famous celebrity hairdressers in the world. He was her friend for two years before they became an item.

Lulu said: “John came as a surprise to me because I wasn’t looking for him or anyone else. I was shattered after Maurice. I was nervous to take the plunge again.”

Lulu with second husband John Frieda in 1983
Lulu with second husband John Frieda in 1983 -Credit:Alpha Press

They married in 1975 and two months later while she was rehearsing for panto Lulu discovered she was pregnant with their son and her only child, Jordan, who has since made her a grandmother.

After Jordan’s birth she cut down on work to be a mum but John was building his empire. Just before her 40th birthday she miscarried their second child and she carried on working to push away the grief including a role as Adrian Mole’s mum. John moved to America while she stayed in the UK.

They called time on their marriage in 1992. But Lulu was still in bits. She admitted: “When my second marriage ended, it shocked my whole system. I was lost. I had no idea what I was going to do.

Lulu's son Jordan works in the industry as a film producer and director.

Jason Orange

After her second marriage Lulu has enjoyed high profile relationships with younger men. When she recorded 1993 No1 single Relight My Fire with Take That.

Lulu with Jason Orange from Take That
Lulu with Jason Orange from Take That -Credit:ITV / Rex Features

Lulu then aged 44, and the 23-year-old Jason had a rumoured fling. They have never gone public about it but have said they had a “special relationship”. She claimed: “He’s very, very cute but no, nothing happened.”

But Jason’s bandmate Howard claimed on Jonathan Ross’s BBC1 chatshow, that it was more than that. When Ross quizzed the boys about Lulu, Howard pointed at Jason and coarsely claimed: “He’s the one who f****d her!”

Angus Macfadyen

Lulu then enjoyed a romance with Braveheart actor Angus Macfadyen in 1997. She claimed her relationship with the fellow Scot who was 15 years her junior was “the best sex I’d ever had. My God, he relit my fire!”

Lulu with fellow Scot Angus Macfadyen -Credit:Richard Young/REX FEATURES
Lulu with fellow Scot Angus Macfadyen -Credit:Richard Young/REX FEATURES

The pair teamed up when Lulu wrote the soundtrack for the actor’s film Robert the Bruce. At the launch she said: “Angus and I had a relationship a few years ago. And we’re still really good friends.”

Stuart Manning

In 2002, Lulu attended Victoria and David Beckham’s World Cup party with young actor Stuart, she was 53 he was 21, three years older than her son at the time. She has never revealed the depth of the relationship.

At the time Lulu said: “He is a lovely guy. But it’s just a bit of fun, nothing too serious. I like young guys and I also like men who are my own age - I don’t discriminate when it comes to age."

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