'Inside Man': Who stars in the Steven Moffat thriller? What is it about?

Stanley Tucci stars in Inside Man. (BBC)
Stanley Tucci stars in Inside Man. (BBC)

Get stuck in to a compelling new thriller with the latest series from Steven Moffat, the star-studded Inside Man.

Stanley Tucci and David Tennant star in a strange tale that weaves together the threads of four different characters in an unexpected way.

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Here's all you need to know about the cast, plot and more of Inside Man.

When is Inside Man on TV?

David Tennant plays a vicar whose life takes an unexpected turn. (BBC)
David Tennant plays a vicar whose life takes an unexpected turn. (BBC)

The four-episode series begins on Monday, 26 September at 9pm on BBC One and then continues on Tuesday, 27 September at the same time.

It will then return the following week in the same time slots.

The series will also be available to catch up on at BBC iPlayer.

Who stars in Inside Man?

Lydia West and Stanley Tucci. (BBC)
Lydia West and Stanley Tucci. (BBC)

The thriller has an impressive cast playing out seemingly unconnected stories that become linked as it progresses.

Stanley Tucci (The Hunger Games, The Devil Wears Prada) plays Jefferson Grieff, a prisoner on death row in the US and David Tennant (Doctor Who, Good Omens) is Harry Watling, a vicar in a quiet English town.

Dolly Wells (Dracula, The Pursuit of Love) stars as maths teacher Janice Fife trapped inside a cellar, and Lydia West (It's A Sin, Years and Years) is journalist Beth Davenport whose path crosses with the other characters.

What is Inside Man about?

Things take a strange turn for vicar Harry. (BBC)
Things take a strange turn for vicar Harry. (BBC)

The series comes from former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat, whose other big name series include Sherlock and Dracula.

Inside Man includes a number of big twists, making it difficult to say too much about the plot - but it begins with the storylines of the English vicar and the US death row inmate, seemingly unconnected, running side by side.

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Tennant says of his character's apparently happy family life: "Quite early on in our story, something pretty awful occurs and the family dynamic can never be the same again after that."

Meanwhile, Tucci gives the intriguing summary: "There is an event that happens, an unfortunate event in which a woman ends up being trapped in a basement for all the wrong reasons, by all the wrong people and there is a man in prison who is a criminologist and that’s who I play."

Dolly Wells is maths teacher Janice. (BBC)
Dolly Wells is maths teacher Janice. (BBC)

West's journalist character weaves the threads together by meeting the other characters, including Wells' maths teacher trapped in the cellar.

Tennant said: "As an audience we assume there must be some link but really we’re quite far into the story before those links start to appear.

"It’s part of the set-up of the sort of puzzle of that along with the almost breathtaking awfulness of what occurs, the incremental steps to doom that Harry (Tennant's character) takes, the unravelling of normality. Steven (Moffat) described it as a sitcom that goes terribly wrong."

Is there a trailer for Inside Man?

Yes, there's a taste of what's to come in the series in the trailer below.