Inside Mark Labbett's incredible 10 stone weight loss journey as he creates new healthy habits

It's been two years since The Chase star Mark Labbett showcased his incredible 10 stone weight loss and it seems that he's still keeping up with his new found healthy habits.

Mark, who is also known as The Beast on the ITV show, turned his health around after he completely changed his diet and managed to lose 140 pounds naturally without the help of any surgical operations.

The star decided to make a change to ditch his unhealthy habits after his health began to decline due to his unhealthy lifestyle, and even tipped the scales at 29 stones.

In 2016, doctors diagnosed him with Type 2 Diabetes and told him he had to make some real improvements for his health.

Mark's real weight loss journey properly began during lockdown 2020 amid the breakdown of his seven year marriage.

Mark Labbett attends the National Television Awards 2020 at The O2 Arena on January 28, 2020 in London, England.
The Chase star had a wake up call with his health after he was diagnosed with diabetes -Credit:Getty Images

The 58-year-old had already lost around three stone but saw the weight fall off him after all the nurseries closed during the pandemic and he found himself running around after his "hyperactive" toddler, Lawrence, at the time.

Mark has denied receiving any surgery to help him lose weight, admitting he did consider it at one point but doctors had warned him that having a gastric band fitted in his body would be dangerous due to the way his body digests sugar.

So the ITV star was left with no option but to shed the pounds the old fashioned way - through a "complete nutrition overhaul" and exercise.

Mark Labbett
Mark's weight loss journey began during the Covid19 pandemic amid the breakdown of his marriage -Credit:Instagram

Speaking of his 10-stone weight loss during an interview on This Morning, he said that eliminating two food groups from his diet was the key to his staggering weight loss and those were carbs and sugar.

On Loose Women last year, he told the panel: "I think one of the pluses of having what may or may not have been Covid a few times is that I just lost my appetite."

He added: "My appetite is nothing like it once was. Get one of your doctors to check me for a gastric band scar. They won't find it!"

ITV Screengrab

Mark Labbett and his girlfriend on GMB
Mark Labbett and his girlfriend Hayley Palmer -Credit:ITV

Mark also credited his beloved Labrador Retriever Baloo for keeping him busy with outdoor walks.

Mark said: "I was walking him around the fields, taking me places... I think he's helped a lot, simply because I'm doing more activity."

Mark is now the "smallest" he's been in 30 years after shedding a whopping 64kg and standing at 6ft 6ins tall.

He still appears as The Beast on ITV's The Chase in the UK but was axed from the US version of the show earlier this year.

He even found new love with TV presenter Hayley Palmer.

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