Inside warzone suburb where gangs of feral yobs aged 9 terrorise locals

Terrified residents say their once quiet suburb has been turned into a "warzone" by gangs of feral yobs - including some as young as nine. Young tearaways regularly steal from shops, pelt peoples' homes with eggs and steal cars for so-called 'joyrides'. Locals living in Wollescote, Stourbridge, West Mids., say they can't sleep with many installing CCTV cameras to make sure their homes are safe. Police have been called in to patrol local buses after several were vandalised by teen gangs who residents say now "rule the area". Londis worker Yamuna Ramakrishnan, 21, said she was plagued by shoplifters on a daily basis. She said: "The kids steal chocolate and whatever else they can fit in their pockets. "They also take other other things from nearby shops and put them in our shop for a prank. They took chairs and put them in our shop. “It’s been happening for more than four months. They usually come usually around 8pm. “They also smash up nearby shop doors. We call police but they run away. “They just come in and disturb the customers. They don’t allow the customers to come inside.” Last week a group of youngsters stole a car and crashed into a homeowner’s Nissan Juke and demolished his wall. CCTV footage shows the stolen Honda 4x4 careering along the road before losing control and ploughing into the parked car on Worton Road.