Inside this week's ES Magazine: Enter the wonderful world of Juergen Teller

 (ES Magazine)
(ES Magazine)

If by some catastrophic cultural blind spot you don’t know his name (seriously?), you will know the work of Juergen Teller. Since the early Nineties, he has been up-ending the worlds of fashion and art with his up-yours style of irreverent, point-and-shoot photography: Kate Moss in bed, Kate Moss in a wheelbarrow, a dead frozen dog in a bin, Victoria Beckham in a giant Marc Jacobs bag, naked Vivienne Westwood, naked Charlotte Rampling with naked Juergen... lots of naked Juergen.

Juergen doesn’t wear a lot of clothes and when he does it’s his signature fluoro shorts, no matter the weather. (BTW: there is even a naked version of our cover image but we thought we’d save your blushes on the Central line.) With five books on the way and a new fanbase of TikTokers obsessed with Juergen’s ultra-real aesthetic, Joe Bromley reassesses the man behind the mischief-making (with a little help from Iggy Pop and Gary Lineker).

Elsewhere in this issue, we reveal our list of London’s 24 most powerful women, social anthropologist Roanne van Voorst examines the strange love life of avatars and there’s a My London with Vinnie Jones. Plus: what is Britalian food? (Dunno but sounds delish.) Who is Maya Wigram? (Clue: she’s got her mum’s cheekbones.) And are you Hot Girl Fit? (I’ll have to check with my wife.)