In the interest of science, I ate some of the finest dog food known to mankind

Few dogs will turn up their nose at 'human food' - in fact, at times it seems like they'd prefer a dry piece of bread to their healthy, nutritiously-balanced dog biscuits.

So when it comes to pampering your pooch the prospect of being served a 'ready meal' made with human grade prime cuts of meat is one which will have even the most stubborn of pets eating out of the palm of your hand.

Just in time for National Pet Month held every April, the first ever range of ready meals for dogs and cats has been launched, and the kind folk at Ted's Bowl sent me a hamper of their products for my nine-year-old Dobermann Midnight to taste test.

And, my God, did she taste them.


Ted's Bowl sent us two each of beef with sweet potato, lamb with mint, and chicken with carrots. The meals can be heated up in the microwave but I decanted ours into an oven-proof dish. If you're short on re-usable plastic dishes - like those made by the brand Tupperware or IKEA - the containers can even be washed and re-used.

You could be forgiven for mistaking the meals as those aimed at humans after a quick scan of the list of ingredients. The meat used is 70 per cent prime cut - no bones, carcasses or ash as you would typically find printed on the back of a sack of dog food. This is isn't just pet food - it's Michelin-starred pet food.

Ted's Bowl offers a variety of different meals
Ted's Bowl offers a variety of different meals -Credit:LancsLive

A couple of years ago a pet food company hit the headlines by offering a human £5,000 to eat nothing but dog food for a week. Although the thought might make you gag, I'm sure many would put their pride aside in exchange for five grand.

So with Ted's Bowl selling itself as a manufacturer of 'human grade' pet food I thought, why not? Fine dining for dogs must be good enough for people too, surely?

I simply couldn't force myself to stomach the lamb with mint meal, given the strong minty smell, but I was brave enough to gingerly place a forkful of the beef with sweet potato on my tongue.

While the appearance of the meal wasn't exactly mouth-watering, as with baby food it's understandable that the consistency would need to be appropriate for little mouths even if some dogs do have teeth a shark would be proud of (not all dogs can stomach eating a whole Chinese takeaway portion of BBQ ribs Midnight*).

The appearance isn't human grade but Midnight didn't care
The appearance isn't human grade but Midnight didn't care -Credit:LancsLive

A friend asked me if the Ted's Bowl meal had tasted nice. I have to be honest here; if I hadn't known it was dog food I probably wouldn't have questioned it if you'd served it as cottage pie with some mash on top. However, I did know who the target audience is, and, as such, I just couldn't get it out of my head.

At £4.49 each the meals aren't cheap - in fact, it would be cheaper to buy a 'human' ready meal, but that doesn't mean that you can't 'treat' your pet to one a week as a reward - or bribe if your dog is anywhere near as disobedient as Midnight.

When Midnight saw me putting a mouthful of 'her food' in my mouth she gave me a look of utter disgust and fury. Like a can-can dancer her legs went up and down alternately as she attempted to remind me that this was her food and she wanted it.

Midnight using her table manners by giving a paw for her meal
Midnight using her table manners by giving a paw for her meal -Credit:LancsLive

I mixed the Ted's Bowl meals in with some of Midnight's regular biscuits which meant that one could easily provide two delicious servings. She wolfed the lot down in record time to the extent that she would ask for one as swiftly as if she were an inmate on Death Row requesting steak and chips.

As tasty and nutritious as the meals might be Midnight is more than welcome to them. Much to her relief.

*At no point was Midnight permitted to eat the ribs - she snatched them from the bin - and she wasn't harmed in any way!

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