Interior Design Masters viewers unhappy with judges' choice of winner

Judges of the BBC show chose Roisin Quinn as the 2024 winner after a final decorating holiday homes on the Blenheim Palace Estate.

Matt and Roisin go head to head in the Interior Design Masters final. (BBC)
Interior Design Masters fans did not agree with the judges choice for the 2024 winner. (BBC)

Interior Design Masters viewers were unhappy with the judges' decision in the final, claiming runner-up Matt Smith-Wood was "robbed" of the title.

The 2024 final of the BBC show saw Roisin Quinn named the Interior Design Master of series 5, for her choice of decor in a holiday home on the Blenheim Palace Estate. The final saw bathroom designer Smith-Wood design a holiday home blended columns and dado rails with modern style, while maintaining simplicity. Meanwhile maximalist Quinn's winning decor was elaborate and detailed, with patterned wallpaper ceilings and frilled panelling.

Judges Michelle Ogundehin and Jonathan Adler decided Quinn deserved to win, because "she focused on the big picture of creating a holiday lodge that was uplifting and joyous and we all need a bit of that. She's got a really stong sense of who she is and who she stands for."

Interior Design Masters saw Roisin beat Matt in the final. (BBC)
Interior Design Masters saw Roisin beat Matt in the final. (BBC)

Interior Design Masters, hosted by Alan Carr, began its fifth season with ten contestants competing for the crown. After eight weeks Quinn and Smith-Wood remained as the final two and were challenged to decorate a holiday lodge on the Oxfordshire estate which has been a filming location for movies including Harry Potter, James Bond and Mission Impossible.

Quinn said of her design: "There's so much doom and gloom in the world and to create joyful spaces that people feel special in — that's why I want to do interior design." After finding out she had won she said: "I've done it! I can't believe it. My amazing parents let me go kind of wild in their house and here I am so thank you, it really is a dream come true."

Smith-Wood said of being runner-up: "No regrets at all, I did me, showed what I can do, stuck to my guns and it got me this far so I'm happy. I'm going to use it as a spring board to become an Interior Designer and I'm looking forward to the future."

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr S5,30-04-2024,8,Michelle Ogundehin, Jonathan Adler,**Embargoed until Tuesday 23rd April 2024**,Darlow Smithson Productions,Georgina Vincent
Michelle Ogundehin and Jonathan Adler had the final say on Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr. (BBC/Darlow Smithson Productions)

But some viewers claimed Smith-Wood was "robbed". One wrote on social media platform X: "Matt was absolutely robbed #InteriorDesignMasters." Another exclaimed: "I can't believe Matt didn't take the win #interiordesignmasters." Another shared: "love love love roisin! but matt was robbed!!! #InteriorDesignMasters." And someone else posted: "#interiordesignmasters no offence to rosin but Matt was the winner by a country mile."

Others were pleased with the result. One posted: "Absolutely thought Roisin deserved to win. Matt is great at what he does but to me it's got boutique hotel vibes (nothin wrong with that but you see a lot of it) whereas Roisin has her own style. #yay #interiordesignmasters."

Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr S5,02-04-2024,4,Roisin,**Embargoed until Tuesday 26th March 2024**,Darlow Smithson Productions,Georgina Vincent
Interior Design Masters winner Roisin favours a bright and busy maximalist style. (BBC)

Other viewers claimed that Quinn's bright and busy floral wallpaper, all over the walls and ceiling of the bedroom, made them feel ill.

One said: "Roisins lodge is awful! How has she won? It's like a migraine waiting to happen! Matts was so much better IMO #interiordesignmasters." Another wrote: "I think I'd need to be wearing sunglasses in Roisin's lodge within 5 minutes. Just too bright to be able to relax. I think Matt performed the best across the whole competition and should have won it. #InteriorDesignMasters."

Someone else wrote: "Felt mega stressed and anxious just looking at Roisin's room designs on screen. Matt was robbed. #interiordesignmasters."

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