Interior designers share 4 kitchen trends that will be in this spring and 3 that will be out

A kitchen island with intricate molding detailing along the sides, a stone countertop, three barstools, and a traditional-looking cream cabinet and stovetop area
Interior designers shared the kitchen trends that will be popular and those that could fade away this springalvarez/Getty Images
  • Interior designers shared the kitchen trends that will be in and out for spring 2024.

  • Bright colors and fun textures can add interest and personality to the kitchen.

  • Interior designers expect all-white designs and stainless-steel finishes to fade away this spring.

Business Insider talked to four interior designers to find out which trends are best to add or eliminate from kitchens this spring.

Here's what they said.

Personalizing a space with color and texture is in.

A lavender kitchen island with three barstools in a kitchen with a marble backsplash. The foreground depicts two French doors and a lavender wall
Colorful appliances or paint add interest to a kitchen.onurdongel/Getty Images

Interior designers told BI that spring is a great time to incorporate color into the home.

Donna Fedor-Brann, the owner of Donna Brann Interiors, said saturated, bright colors and muted-pastel hues are some of this spring's hottest kitchen trends. She also expects to see more texture on cabinet faces and tile backsplashes.

Robin Burrill, the CEO and interior designer at Signature Home Services, believes color will also be popular on appliances. She expects a rise in brass, copper, rose-gold, nickel, and black stainless-steel finishes.

Sustainable materials and equipment are on the rise.

Kitchen with dark-gray stone backsplash
Designs with natural materials, such as a stone backsplash, will be popular in kitchens this spring.Andreas von Einsiedel/Getty Images

Eco-conscious kitchen designs are expected to remain on-trend as more people get composting systems, energy-efficient appliances, and high-quality food-preservation equipment.

Anna Gibson, the founder and lead designer at AKG Design Studio, said designers might incorporate natural and recycled materials through wood paneling, stone, or recycled countertops.

Appliances with multiple functions are gaining popularity.

A black stovetop range with a built-in griddle and two uncooked pancakes on top
Appliances with multiple functions, such as stoves with built-in griddles, are gaining traction.Nicole Mulstay/Shutterstock

Kitchen devices designed to minimize clutter and reduce the need for multiple appliances are becoming increasingly popular.

Lisa Peck, the owner and principal designer of LiLu Interiors, said people are interested in innovative products with multiple functions, such as ranges with air-frying, sous-vide, and griddle functions, under-counter chargers, and faucets that deliver filtered, boiling, and sparkling water.

People are embracing a modern take on traditional designs.

A kitchen island with intricate molding detailing along the sides, a stone countertop, three barstools, and a traditional-looking cream cabinet and stovetop area
Traditional designs with custom decor and intricate detailing are on the rise.alvarez/Getty Images

Traditional designs are also making a resurgence in kitchens.

"Traditional is coming back in a big way, but with new finishes, textures, and elevated looks," Burrill said.

She expects people to move away from ultramodern designs in favor of traditional elements, such as custom molding and intricate drawer handles.

But white is on its way out.

An all-white kitchen with stainless steel fridge, a decorative canister with artichokes in it, and black stovetop range
People are moving away from all-white kitchens.Joseph Hendrickson/Shutterstock

White may be a safe color choice, but interior designers said people are opting for more color.

"All-white kitchens are definitely out, and that includes white-and-gray marble," Peck said.

Burrill also believes we'll see a shift from white-and-gray finishes to stone and metallic materials.

Stainless-steel finishes are fading away.

A stainless-steel stovetop range with a silver kettle and canister of wooden spoons on counter in the background
More colorful alternatives may replace stainless-steel appliances.Alberto Guglielmi/Getty Images

Stainless steel has been a frontrunning finish for years, but interior designers believe it's on its way out.

Burrill, who said she was never a fan of stainless steel because of fingerprint visibility and cleaning issues, plans to embrace more colorful alternatives and black-glass appliances.

Peck said stainless steel is losing ground because "it is now a standard classic look, and not on trend."

Plain, simple kitchen designs are falling out of favor.

A mostly white kitchen with some wooden detailing on the counters. A large rectangular white light fixture hangs over a kitchen island
Spaces full of personality will replace simple kitchens. in4mal/Getty Images

Many modern kitchens focus on clean, simple designs, but Burrill said unadorned looks are giving way to detailed spaces filled with personality.

Burrill said people are moving toward choices that create an overall design aesthetic and emphasize individuality.

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