Interior designers share 6 trends that are in, and 4 that are out this season

Kitchen with a black spider-like light fixture above it; A light- and dark-blue kitchen with a red X
Interior designers said large light fixtures will be in and monochromatic schemes will be out this spring.Ally Foster/Shutterstock; vanitjan/Shutterstock
  • Insider asked interior designers which trends are rising this season and which are on their way out.

  • Designers said indoor plants, maximalism, and wall murals will be popular this spring.

  • They also said we'll see fewer farmhouse-style design choices and accent walls.

Natural materials will rise in popularity.

Rattan baskets and planters with white wall and wooden floor
Natural materials, like rattan, will trend.habibHidayat/Shutterstock

Keely Smith, lead interior designer at JD Elite Interiors, told Insider natural materials would become more prevalent this spring.

"Natural materials will continue to thrive this season," she said. "People are becoming more conscious of sustainability and using eco-friendly materials in their homes."

Pieces like rattan furniture and terracotta tiles fall into the eco-friendly category.

Indoor plants are still going strong.

Indoor plants
Indoor plants help filter air and look nice.Morsa Images/Getty Images

Indoor plants of various shapes and sizes have been popular as people spent more time at home over the past few years, and the trend doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Smith said they "look beautiful" and "add a touch of nature to a space, which is always a plus."


Darker colors will be in.

Emerald-green wall with hanging lamps and bed with gray sheets, gray pillows, and emerald-green pillows and throw
Using darker colors is a bold design

Interior designer Rudolph Diesel said a shift to darker colors is on the horizon this spring.

"Our homes will be going darker this spring as our love for all things gothic — think Wednesday Addams — picks up steam, with a move away from lighter, natural colors," Diesel said.

According to the designer, homeowners can avoid a gloomy look by pairing moody tones with pops of bright color to add a dramatic but lifting contrast.

Maximalism is a creative spring trend.

A room with a large boho-style light fixture
Maximalism romanticizes creative accessories.Andreas von Einsiedel/Getty Images

According to interior designer Shanade McAllister-Fisher, maximalism will replace minimalistic styles as people incorporate more fun and creativity in their spaces.

"This trend sees a move away from the simple, clean lines of minimalism and embraces all things bold and bright, with an emphasis on decoration and personality," McAllister-Fisher told Insider.

This trend will be less about clutter and more about curating creative accessories in the home, like decorative wallpaper, gallery walls, and retro-style candles.

Wall murals are having a major moment.

A flower mural on a brick wall next to a pink chair and potted snake plant
Wall murals are perfect for creating drama.Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Catherine Hooper, the owner and lead designer of iSPY Home Design, told Insider wall murals would continue to be popular this spring.

"That includes dramatic uses of mural-style wallpapers that help add drama to a big empty wall and bring in color without repainting a whole room," Hooper said."

The designer expects mural walls to be especially popular in dining rooms and connecting spaces between a living room and kitchen.

Big light fixtures will be "it" this season.

Large spider-like light fixture with lamps hanging down
Large light fixtures create interest in a room.Ally Foster/Shutterstock

Hooper told Insider striking light fixtures, similar to a piece of artwork, would be at the forefront of many rooms this season.

"I'm seeing the standard set of three pendants over a kitchen island replaced with one massive pendant, or nightstand lamps replaced with an oversized plug-in or hardwired sconces," Hooper told Insider. "It should be the pièce de résistance in every room."

On the other hand, the farmhouse style is a tired design trend.

Rooster salt and pepper shakers
Expect to see less farmhouse-style rooster decor this spring.scottiebumich/Getty Images

The farmhouse style may reflect simplicity, modern comforts, and rustic charm but it's becoming less popular.

"While this trend has been popular for the past few years, I think people are starting to get tired of the overly rustic look," Smith said. "Instead, we'll see a shift towards a more modern aesthetic."

Heavily color-coordinated rooms and accessories are out.

Kitchen with dark-blue walls, lights, and cabinets and a light-blue backsplash with red arrows pointing to cabinets and lights
Using only one or two colors in a room is out.vanitjan/Shutterstock

Hooper told Insider the days of designing rooms with one or two colors from the floor to the ceiling are out.

"Instead of floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets in one color, for example, or half color half white, I'm seeing many bolder choices, like pairing green cabinetry with a gray-blue island," she said.

More people will mix and match colors, patterns, and finishes across rooms.

The color gray is falling out of favor.

Living room with gray brick fireplace and a gray couch
People are favoring bolder colors instead of gray.Artazum/Shutterstock

Ariel Richardson, the founder and lead designer of ASR Design Studio, told Insider we could expect to see less gray this season.

"Although gray is a great neutral color, people are tired of neutral spaces and want to be bold," the designer said. "Now the trend is to have more texture, depth, and color in a space instead of spaces that look too clean or sterile."

Accent walls are outdated.

A light-gray wooden accent wall in a room with dark wood floors
Accent walls are no longer trendy.Krista Abel/Shutterstock

Devin Shaffer, lead interior designer at Decorilla, told Insider we could expect fewer accent walls as this trend is fading.

"While they were once a popular trend, they often feel like a forced design element and are not as unexpected as a statement ceiling," Shaffer said.

The designer also said accent walls are often challenging to execute correctly without overwhelming the room or clashing with the overall design.

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