International Globe Festival Celebrated With Artisanal Balloons in El Salvador

The skies of San Esteban Catarina, El Salvador, were filled with an array of colorful balloons, as the International Globe Festival was celebrated on Saturday, May 13.

The festival is held annually in El Salvador every second weekend of May, drawing large crowds of domestic and international spectators, with youth groups and institutions participating, according to authorities.

Video captured by Ivan Manzano showcases the creative designs seen at the festival, ranging from a Calavera inspired balloon to SpongeBob SquarePants, which took out second place in the children’s category.

Manzano told Storyful that children in San Esteban Catarina learn to make balloons with tissue paper, wire and other materials from an early age. He explained that many people print messages on their balloons for those who have died and also to request peace in the world. Credit: Ivan Manzano via Storyful