The internet is ROASTING Eric Trump for his viral racist slip up and we're CHEERING

Eric Trump made a racist speech about his father Donald Trump winning his hush money trial
Eric Trump made a racist speech about his father Donald Trump winning his hush money trial

While former President Donald Trump awaits the jury's verdict in his hush-money trial, his son Eric is out there putting his VERY racist foot in his mouth.

Trump, his MAGA cronies, and even his family members are known for using racist dog whistles and coded language, but on Tuesday, Eric Trump dropped the subtext and was overtly racist when he made a speech outside of the Manhattan courthouse where his father was being tried.

In a speech he gave directly after closing arguments were heard, Eric Trump claimed that Trump will win his criminal case because "we're white." Considering Eric Trump is white privilege personified, it's not surprising. In a clip of the speech currently going viral on x (formerly Twitter), Eric Trump is heard saying, "I cannot wait for the day that we win. We will. We're white. The country knows that this is nonsense."

They're not even trying to hide it anymore. Between this and the speech Trump gave earlier this year, where he asked if the audience would rather have "the Black president or the white president who got $1.7 billion off the price," they've gone from using racist dog whistles to shouting it from the rooftops in plain language.

Everyone knows that Trump has managed to evade justice at every turn, thanks to being a wealthy, cis, straight, white man, but to hear it said so plainly is still shocking.

Some think that Eric Trump may have intended to say "right," not "white," but if that's true, it seems like more of a Freudian slip — or a Truman slip, as some hilarious commenters wrote — than a mistake. Regardless of what he said or intended to say, the fact that it's so easy to believe he said, "We're white," should give Eric Trump and his father pause. But that would require introspection, a skill neither man possesses.

The internet is busy having a field day with this viral video clip. Some people poked fun at Eric Trump's intelligence, with one person writing, "To be fair, he thinks glue is a food group," and someone else commenting, "Leave it to the dumbest Trump to say the quiet part out loud." While another person joked that he's Fredo Corleone, the incompetent son from the God Father who can't be trusted with the family business — which feels like an apt comparison.

While we wait for the jury in Trump's trial to finish deliberating, let's take a peek at the funniest reactions to Eric Trump being a racist moron!