Iowa man's snow shark sculpture becomes a local tourist attraction

Jan. 16 (UPI) -- An Iowa man's yard is attracting schools of visitors from across the area after he built a 20-foot-long shark sculpture out of snow.

Carlos Maldonado, a sculptor and owner of Carlos Maldonado Artwork in Iowa City, created the 5.5-foot-tall great white shark sculpture from snow with help from his two sons.

"I looked up snow sculptures, I didn't really want to do anything plain," Maldonado told Iowa's News Now. "When I saw a shark online, I figured I could do that. So, I gave it shot and this is what we ended up with."

He said it took about 4 1/2 hours to sculpt the shark and another hour and a half to color it with watered-down acrylic paint the following day.

Maldonado's photos of his artwork posted online led to an influx of visitors wanting to take photos with the snow shark.

"My fiancé had seen this online on Facebook and we just thought it was a really good idea to bring our kids out to be able to see what creativity and what they can really do with snow," visitor Anastasia Morton said. "It will be a very good memory for my kids."