iPhones get power to charge much faster with new iOS update

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Apple iPhones should be able to charge much faster wirelessly with an upcoming update.

The final version of the iOS 17.2 update was made available to developers this week, suggesting that it will come to the public as soon as next week. It includes a host of updates, including a new Journal app and the ability to capture spatial videos ready for the Apple Vision Pro.

The latest version of that software also brings compatibility with the Qi2 standard to the iPhone 13 and 14. The iPhone 15 already had that capability.

The Qi2 standard is a wireless charging technology that has been developed across the technology industry, with a view to ensuring that chargers and phones are compatible. The second version of the standard allows for faster charging: 15W of power, twice the current limitation.

That should allow the iPhone 13 and 14 to charge up much more quickly on wireless chargers that are not made by Apple.

Apple’s own chargers use the MagSafe standard, which the company developed for itself. That already allows for 15W charging on the iPhone – but customers have been forced to pay up for Apple chargers, which are often more expensive than those from competitors.

Now other charger manufacturers such as Anker have confirmed they will support that Qi2 standard for iPhones, meaning that users will be able to charge up more quickly.

iOS 17.2 has been in the works for weeks and brings a range of features that were originally announced with the first version of iOS 17 in the summer, but which did not arrive when it was released in autumn. That includes features such as the Journal app, which offers automatic prompts to jot down memories.

It will also add bug fixes and other smaller new features.