Is ‘Good Mom’ Caitlyn Jenner driving a wedge between Kim K and Kris Jenner?

It has been reported that Caitlyn Jenner is trying to be a “good mom” to Kim Kardashian West after she was robbed at gun point in Paris.

The reference to Caitlyn being the star’s ‘mother’ will no doubt grind on Kris Jenner’s gears since her ex-husband’s and daughter’s friendship has already enraged the showbiz matriarch.


Caitlyn Jenner (Instagram)

Caitlyn’s friend Candis Cayne was speaking to reporters at the TransNation Festival 15th Annual Queen USA Transgender beauty pageant in Los Angeles and revealed the I Am Cait star - who was known as Bruce when married to Kris and is Kim’s stepdad - is supporting her following her horrifying ordeal.

Candice said: “She, of course, is just being a good mom, and you know just making sure that she’s okay. No one should go through that. And no one should ever be questioned about going through that. And it was a traumatic experience.

"I asked Cait how she was doing. She said she’s doing OK, and you know she’s getting through it, you know? It’s horrifying.”


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (WENN)

Candice added: “A lot of people just think about the Kardashian family is like these people that are just in make-believe land, but if you imagined yourself in that situation, sitting in a room, and having that happen to you, it’s terrifying.”

But Kim and Caitlyn’s closeness has not sat well with Kris, who flew into a rage in recently-released clips from ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’

The showbiz matriarch branded her daughter a “traitor” for helping her ex with her outfit for the ESPY Awards.

Bursting into tears, Kris said: “Kim, you are a f***ing traitor. That you would have the nerve to go to help Caitlyn to pick a gown - like, what is going on?”

Kris Jenner (WENN)

Despite Kim trying to calm her mother down saying she thought things were “all good” between the former couple, Kris refused to be appeased.

She replied: “That’s what you don’t get! I don’t say anything to you until I feel abandoned. And right now, I’m feeling abandoned.

"I don’t want you to be neutral. From my children I gave birth to, I want loyalty. I don’t want f***ing neutral. Neutral isn’t what I signed up for. That’s what you don’t get.

"I’m trying to be as understanding as I can. I’m betrayed. I’ve been f***ed over on so many levels that your head would spin.”

We think Kris will feel worse if Cait or anyone else starts referring to the Olympian as “mother” to her brood.