Is This The Most Awkward Crimewatch Moment Ever?

The last thing we expect to be chuckling at on the telly is BBC One’s hard-hitting show Crimewatch, but last night’s episode had more than a few viewers laughing.

In fact, fans of the show couldn’t resist taking to social media to poke fun at perhaps the most awkward moment in the show’s history - when host Jason Mohammad’s mugshot appeared to flash up on the screen.


As it happens, the man in the picture was actually just Jason’s doppelganger, with the presenters running through updates on previous cases that had already been solved and the man in the image, Victor Lakatos, actually being caught and imprisoned for eighteen years.

Still, the resemblance between the two men did not go unnoticed and people took to Twitter in their droves to point out the coincidence:

Jason also acknowledged the uncanny situation over on his own Twitter page, writing: “Thanks for the tweets. And yes, I’ve seen the picture #Crimewatch”.