Is Tulisa Heading For Hollywood?

To be honest with you, we don’t really feel like we see enough about Tulisa at the moment. In fact, there’s quite a substantial Female Boss-shaped hole in our lives for the past few years, and we’re not happy about it.

But it seems as if our prayers are about to be answered, as reports have emerged that North West London’s finest hs signed with a top Hollywood agent – in a bid to conquer the silver screen.


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According to those beauties over at The Mirror, Tulisa will be flying out to LA in order to visit casting agents and producers – all under the management of the same bunch of lads who look after Hayden Christensen and Joan Collins.

A source told the paper that “Tulisa has shunned all reality TV offers as she wants her career to take a serious direction. She has always acted and has dreamed of being in films. This is set to be her big break.

“She has been low-key lately as she wants to rebrand herself.”

It’s not the only project the former X Factor judge has been working on – she’s also rumoured to be teaming up with former X Factor alumnus Rebecca Ferguson on some new music.


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According to reports in The Mirror last month, Tulisa, 27, was introduced to 29-year-old Rebecca by management, and is part of a team working with her to make her music a success.

They’re joined by Grammy Award-winning songwriter Brian Rawling, whose worked with One Direction, Cher, Tina Turner and more, and the SOS music team, who have worked with the likes of Tinie Tempah and Ariana Grande.


An insider said: “Tulisa’s been beavering away in the studio. She had some decent writing sessions with Rebecca and it sounded really good. They’re just settling on the right tracks.

“It’s all feel-good, happy and vibrant. They’ve found a niche sound for2016 which is moving away from the dance vibe.”

Well this all sounds very promising, doesn’t it folks?