Islington drug dealer selling crack in playground legged it - but police were faster

Mugshot of Willano Moore
Willano Moore, 27, was chased for 200 metres until he was eventually detained by a police officer -Credit:MPS

A drug dealer selling crack in a playground is facing jail after he was chased down by a police officer. Willano Moore, 27, of Hornsey Street, Holloway, was spotted by an officer on patrol on August 31, 2020 selling drugs in nearby Paradise Park.

Moore ran off and was chased 200 yards before being contained in the playground of a nearby primary school. Officers searched the area and found a burner phone he had discarded in a shrub in a back garden adjacent to the school.

An investigation found the phone was linked to a drug line offering crack cocaine and heroin for sale. Moore was initially released under investigation while evidence was gathered and charged with multiple offences in March 2022.

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A trial was due to take place in June this year before Moore pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of crack cocaine and heroin, and acquiring/using/possessing criminal property at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Thursday, May 2.

The judge HHJ Sharkey told Moore a custodial sentence is likely when he appears in court again on Friday, June 28.

Sergeant Will Smith said: “Moore was desperate to get away from officers after being seen openly dealing drugs in a children's play park. An officer bravely gave chase and he was quickly arrested.

"He had fled into a local school playground but thankfully this incident happened when the children were on their summer holidays. The evidence against him, including the discarded phone, meant Moore had no option but to plead guilty."

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