Israel-Hamas war: Video appears to show IDF soldiers rounding up half-naked men in Gaza stadium

Footage shared from Gaza City appears to show Israeli soldiers rounding up a group of men stripped down to their underwear.

The video shows several men - and some males who may be children - in the middle of a run-down stadium, seemingly being directed by armed soldiers.

The groups walk to the centre of the pitch, wearing only boxer shorts, and stand in short lines of about four or five people each.

Some hold their hands in the air or over their heads.

Sky News has geolocated this video to the Yarmouk Stadium in Gaza City, but cannot verify when it was filmed or what happened to the detainees.

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The Israel Defence Forces has not denied the video is authentic.

Responding to Sky News, the IDF said it is operating to "dismantle Hamas's military capabilities" - and as part of its efforts, suspected terrorists are detained and questioned.

"Individuals who are found not to be taking part in terrorist activities are released," the IDF said.

"The individuals detained are treated in accordance with international law.

"It is often necessary for terror suspects to hand over their clothes such that their clothes can be searched and to ensure that they are not concealing explosive vests or other weaponry.

"Clothes are not immediately returned to the detainees, due to the suspicion they may conceal means that can be used for hostile purposes (such as knives).

"Detainees are given back their clothes when it's possible to do so."

The IDF added it is operating to "rescue the hostages brutally kidnapped by the Hamas terrorist organisation", in reference to the 7 October attack.

It is thought 129 hostages are still captive in Gaza.

IDF's previous video controversies

It is not the first time footage has been shared that appears to show Israeli soldiers rounding up men in Gaza.

Earlier this month, video showed a row of men - some wearing only underwear - sitting down in a damaged street in northern Gaza.

Some of those held in a group claimed they had been beaten and denied food and water.

Among those who were held was Diaa al Kahlout, a journalist for London-based Qatari-owned news outlet Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, also known as The New Arab.

According to Al Araby, Hamas leader Osama Hamdan said the detainees were unarmed civilians unrelated to military operations.

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In the following days, two other videos surfaced of what appeared to show Israeli troops destroying property in Gaza.

Responding to those two videos, the IDF said it has "taken action" and "will continue acting to identify misconduct and behaviour that does not align with the expected morals and values of IDF soldiers".