Italian Coast Guard Searches for Missing After Sinking of Migrant Boat

The Italian Coast Guard said it was searching for missing people following the sinking of a migrant boat in the Ionian Sea on Monday, June 17.

The ship was found following a mayday call by a French pleasure craft sailing approximately 120 miles off the Italian coast. As many as 70 people were thought to be on board, Alarm Phone reported.

The French craft recovered 12 migrants on board the ship and transferred them to a passing merchant vessel, the coast guard said.

One of the 12 died upon arrival to the port of Roccella Jonica. The others received medical treatment after disembarking.

In a separate incident, German charity RESQSHIP said it picked up 51 people from a sinking wooden boat near Lampedusa. Ten bodies were found aboard, they said. Credit: Guardia Costiera via Storyful