ITV The 1% Club airs 'hardest question ever' stumping everyone in the studio

Lee Mack hosts The 1% Club on ITV
Lee Mack hosts The 1% Club on ITV -Credit:ITV

Viewers of The 1% Club say they've just experienced its 'hardest question ever'. The game show's final question - which only 1% of the British public are expected to be able to solve - left everyone in the studio stumped too — but could you answer it?

Comedian Lee Mack returned to hot the ITV quiz show, where the questions gets increasingly harder as the game progresses, based on the percentage of the British public who could answer them. What's different about the quiz is that it is not based on your ability in maths or your general knowledge, but on logic.

The three remaining players in the final all chose not to answer the question for a shot at big money. And it was a good decision as none of them could work it out. Viewers were equally puzzled. One wrote on X: "This was probably the hardest question I have ever seen." A second echoed: "Definitely one of the hardest 1% questions there's been for a while... didn't get anywhere near it (got the rest using my pass)."

A third commented: "Just finished watching slightly behind live broadcast, and there's no way I would have got this. Hardest question I've seen in a long time. Congrats to the three who won £3,333, particularly Charlotte for getting so far without buying a pass."

The question which 1% Club viewers are calling the 'toughest ever'

Contestants were shown the following puzzle and asked to fill in the missing number.

Jamaica + Japan = 124

Argentina + Armenia = 1245

France + Brazil = 23

England + Germany =

The players on the show are given just 30 seconds to answer the tricky questions. The three contestants in the final took home £3,333 each as they opted not to answer the final question.

The answer

The numbers are the positions of any shared letters in the country names. Argentina and Armenia share the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th letters. So England and Germany is 56, for the A and the N.