ITV The 1% Club players suffer 'total massacre' as 32 contestants knocked out by record breaking question

Lee Mack was shocked when 32 people were knocked out in one question [photo from another episode]
The 1% Club contestants 'break record' after hardest ever question -Credit:ITV

Gasps filled the ITV studio during The 1% Club when an astonishing 32 contestants were simultaneously eliminated after failing to answer a single question correctly.

On the episode which aired on Saturday, May 18, show host, watched on as 100 participants tried to tackle various puzzles and brain-teasers within a set time limit, all vying for the grand prize of £100,000. It's not uncommon for a handful of players to be dropped at the end of each round due to incorrect answers, but the mass exit that was about to happen was extraordinary.

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As the clock stopped and the correct response was revealed, Lee said: "Wow. That is massive. 32 people went out on that one! ". The tricky question that stumped the crowd was: Which of these would it be impossible to do?

(A) Marry your cousin's cousin (B) Marry your brother's widow (C) Marry your widow's sister.

As reported by Wales Online, Lee clarified that the correct answer was C, explaining that "you would not be able to marry your widow's sister as you would already be dead. Before we get any complaints - I accept that is a bit zombie-ist."

Contestant Jamil, when asked about his incorrect answer, said: "I put B," to which Lee clarified: "Yes, your brother's widow - she's still alive but your brother has died. This isn't me breaking any news, I'm just telling you the answer to the question!"

Kate, admitted her confusion, saying: "I still thought I was right for a really long time, even after you told us the right answer."

"You sound just like my wife! " Lee joked. Meanwhile, viewers on social media were stunned by the large number of contestants eliminated in one round.

One viewer shared a meme of a shocked cat with the caption 'WTF', commenting: "How did 32 people get that wrong! #The1PercentClub," while another exclaimed: "Flipping heck 32 out! " and a third viewer described it as: "A total massacre in that question."

"32 out on that question. Must be a record. #The1PercentClub," another viewer noted. "WTAF? ? 32 out! #The1PercentClub" echoed another.

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