ITV The 1% Club star Lee Mack says 'it's mad' as quiz show returns after being 'pulled'

Lee Mack is returning to ITV The One Per Cent Club tonight after the show was pulled from air last week for the BBC Eurovision Song Contest. The ITV quiz favourite will air from 8.50pm with Lee at the helm, and ahead of the show, he has described his ongoing career on BBC Would I Lie To You?

Speaking in a new interview with the Express, Lee said: "Yeah it's been great - we're good mates and we get on well," in relation to Rob Brydon and David Mitchell. "You know, we've known each other now for 60...70 years?" he joked.

"And Rob's now well into his 90's and we care for him," Mack teased. The ITV quiz show will return this evening following tragedy earlier this series, which saw a contestant die shortly after filming and an episode dedicated to his memory.

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Steven Wong left viewers in tatters as the ending credits of the program announced he had passed away before his participation in the 1% Club was aired and shortly after filming. Show bosses paid him an emotional tribute at the end of the instalment with a sombre message written in white lettering on a black background.

The message simply read: "In memory of Steven Wong. 1972-2024." While chatting to the Express, Lee also discussed the "mad" story he has learned from the BBC show Would I Lie To You, which saw Dom Joly confirm he was a school classmate of Osama bin Laden.

"That Dom Joly went to school with Osama bin Laden," he confirmed. "I know! It's mad isn't it?" Indeed, it is a fact that Joly and Bin Laden were once schoolmates at a Christian Quaker establishment in Lebanon, catering to kids aged four to 18."

The One Per Cent Club continues on ITV and ITVX.