ITV The 1% Club question 'too difficult' for Lee Mack - can you answer it?

The 1% Club presenter Lee Mack
The 1% Club presenter Lee Mack -Credit:ITV

The 1% Club is back on our screens tonight and is bound to get most of us scratching our heads. The popular quiz show, hosted by comedian Lee Mack, tests contestants with questions based on logic.

As Lee says, those on the ITV show can 'forget exam results' as the questions are all about 'how your mind works'. Ahead of a new show tonight, we looked back at the last series for a question that left Lee completely stumped.

But can you answer it? The question was one that only 10% of the British public could answer.

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And while everyone left playing in the studio got it right, although one used their pass, Lee admitted he had struggled. As one contestant said she 'thought that one was easy', Lee said: "Problem with that is that I found it really difficult, how does that make me feel?"

The question was:

Lee was driving when he noticed his milometer read 16961 and was the same backwards and forwards. What will the next mileage be that also reads the same backwards and forwards?

Haven't worked it out yet?

The contestants on the show only have 30 seconds to lock in their answer.

But give yourself a little longer and see if you can get there.

Still not figured it out? The correct answer is below.

Here's the answer.

The correct answer was 17071.