ITV The 1% Club viewers 'adamant' over tricky question

Lee Mack hosts The 1% Club on ITV
Lee Mack hosts The 1% Club on ITV -Credit:ITV

The 1% Club returned on Saturday night with another set of mind-bending questions.

The ITV quiz show sees 100 contestants face off against each other on trick questions that only portions of the general public are capable of answering.

On this week's episode it wasn't the finale that got viewers talking. A question read: "Amrit and his grandad share the same birthday. Their birthday balloons arrive muddled up. Amrit's grandad is three times older than him. How old is Amrit?”

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On display were four shiny gold balloons. The anticipated response was that Amrit is 26 years old, which would make his grandad a sprightly 78, BirminghamLive reports.

However, an eagle-eyed fan proposed an alternative interpretation. One viewer reached out to the programme's Instagram account and said: "My other half is adamant that his answer of 29 is also right.

"There's no string on those balloons, therefore you could turn the 6 upside down. 3x29=87 What do you reckon? Was he still in, or was he out of the game?”

The 1% Club's tricky question
The 1% Club's tricky question -Credit:ITV

It comes after The 1% Club contestants 'broke a record' after being issued the hardest ever question earlier this month. After the time limit for answering was up, presenter Lee, 55, told the contestants and people watching at home that a new record had been set. The question, which you can have a crack at below, was 'passed' by more people than those who answered it, a first for the show.

The question came at the 60% mark, making it the ninth out of fifteen. Lee revealed that 39 players used their passes to get through the round rather than answering it and risking losing their place in the game. Lee said: "We lost four people on that one. Here's an interesting thing you lot have just broke a record on The 1% Club.

"Because four people went out but it's not only four people that didn't know it. 39 people used a pass. 39. I think that's the only time ever on the history of this show more people used a pass than actually knew the answer. I'm genuinely shook." Wondering if you would have sailed through this round? The question which stumped everybody was: "Which of these is the odd one out in this CONUNDRUM?" The answers were CORD, NORM, NOUN or MOON."

The answer was MOON, the only word that cannot be made from the letters in CONUNDRUM.

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