ITV The 1% Club viewers spot question 'error' as it has two correct answers

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The 1% Club: SR3 on ITV1 and ITVX

Pictured: Lee Mack.

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Lee Mack hosts the popular ITV show -Credit:ITV

A brain-teasing question on ITV's The 1% Club has left viewers scratching their heads, as they believe there may be more than one correct response.

Directing the intellectual game show is the sharp-tongued Lee Mack, who challenges participants with increasingly arduous enquiries, aiming to identify the materially intelligent top 1% who can solve the concluding riddle in a brisk 30 seconds.

Initially the format begins simply, an estimated 90% of individuals are predicted to answer the first question correctly, however, the complexity escalates towards the programme's end, permitting only the truest of cognoscenti the opportunity to grapple the final 1% conundrum.

Interestingly though, this week it wasn't the looming conclusion that set tongues wagging instead, a seemingly forthright question from the show's 30% section ruffled some feathers.

The questioned posed asked: "Amrit and his grandad share the same birthday. Their birthday balloons arrive muddled up. Amrit's grandad is three times older than him. How old is Amrit?"

1% Club
Fans think there are two possible answers -Credit:ITV

On display were four shiny gold balloons. The anticipated response was Amrit is 26 years old, which would make his grandad 78, reports the Mirror.

Alert fans however suggested a secondary possible solution with one viewer asking the show's Instagram: "My other half is adamant that his answer of 29 is also right."

Expanding on their point, they claimed: "There's no string on those balloons, therefore you could turn the 6 upside down. 3x29=87 What do you reckon? Was he still in, or was he out of the game? ".

The 1% Club contestants recently 'broke a record' after being presented with the most challenging question in the show's history. After the time limit for answering expired, host Lee, 55, announced to the contestants and viewers a new record had been set.

The question, which you can try your hand at below, was 'passed' by more people than those who answered it, marking a first for the show.

The tricky question appeared at the 60% point in the game, making it the ninth out of fifteen. Lee disclosed 39 players opted to use their passes to progress through the round rather than risk answering the question and potentially losing their place in the game.

Lee explained: "We lost four people on that one. Here's an interesting thing you lot have just broke a record on The 1% Club.

"Because four people went out but it's not only four people that didn't know it. 39 people used a pass. 39. I think that's the only time ever in the history of this show more people used a pass than actually knew the answer. I'm genuinely shook."

Curious if you would have breezed through this round?

The question that stumped everyone was: "Which of these is the odd one out in this CONUNDRUM? " The options were CORD, NORM, NOUN or MOON. "".

The correct answer was MOON, as it's the only word that cannot be formed using the letters in CONUNDRUM.

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