ITV The 1% Club's Lee Mack confused as contestant reveals job

Lee Mack hosts The 1% Club on ITV
Lee Mack hosts The 1% Club on ITV -Credit:ITV

The 1% Club returned tonight with another set of mind-bending questions.

The ITV quiz show sees 100 contestants face off against each other on trick questions that only portions of the general public are capable of answering.

After an unlucky round, off-shore chemist Leanne was quizzed by the show's host, comedian Lee Mack, on where she went wrong. Before they could chat about the question, Lee was curious to know more about Leanne's job.

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He joked: "What's that, selling drugs in a dingy?" Leanne said: "I work on an oil rig and I analyse, test and manage all of the chemicals on board."

Leanne confirmed she spends a lot of her time in the middle of the ocean but Leanne admitted it felt like a "spa break" compared to home life. She added: "It seems a bit bizarre, don't get me wrong, work's quite tough but I've got four kids.

"When I go out there there's no cooking, cleaning or laundry..." Interrupting her mid-sentence, Lee said: "You don't have to sell it to me. Can I come?"

Leanne was eliminated during the 60% question but because the topic of conversation took such a turn, viewers never discovered her answer.

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