ITV Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway slam 'miserable' woman's reaction to winning holiday

ITV Saturday Night Takeaway fans were left in hysterics over a 'miserable' woman's reaction to winning a holiday during the final episode of the week. During the show the Geordie duo sent Scarlett Moffatt, Jordan North and Josie Gibson into a restaurant to surprise diners with a holiday.

But despite bagging herself an all expenses paid trip, Sandy seemed more interested in her cocktail and dinner. The sketch was part of the show's Happiest Minute of the Week, and was introduced by Ant and Dec during their final episode of their 20-year run.

One fan said: "Bloody hell. How miserable did she look winning that takeaway holiday." A second wrote: "Sandy's like I want me drink and dinner." Days before the finale, Ant and Dec opened up yet again about their choice to axe their own show. Opening up to The Independent, Dec said: “Twenty series just feels like a natural point to pause…

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"We don’t want to say we’ll never do it again. But we’ve both got families now. Our lives have changed dramatically. We want to step off the hamster wheel, catch our breath and decide what’s next.” Ant added: “It will be bittersweet, with lots of tears, but it feels like the right thing.”

However, Dec went on to tease that there could be more seasons of the show in the future. He explained: “We still have a momentous 20th series to look forward to first so we will do our best to go out (for now) with a bang in 2024.”

Ant gushed: “To have our own show, with our names in the title, in the heart of primetime felt like a huge feat for two lads from Newcastle.” Taking to Twitter/X, one fan typed: "Ant and Dec claim that they are just resting #SaturdayNightTakeaway but I do really think that this is the last ever one.

"I can't see it coming back in four or five years time. They're both approaching their 50s and are both dads." A second saidsaid: "#SaturdayNightTakeaway going away and revamping this show is a great idea and I think it’s the right time.

"I remember watching this as a kid but find it boring and repetitive now. Even if it doesn’t come back as SNT I think ant and dec can still be on tv with a new show"