ITV Britain's Got Talent fans all say same thing as Huddersfield rapper Danny Platinum gets the nod

Danny Platinum performed a freestyle rap for the Britain's Got Talent judges -Credit:Britain's Got Talent/ITV
Danny Platinum performed a freestyle rap for the Britain's Got Talent judges -Credit:Britain's Got Talent/ITV

A freestyle rapper from Huddersfield has made it through to the next round of Britain’s Got Talent after securing a yes from all four judges.

Musician and freestyle rapper, 29-year-old Danny Platinum, appeared on tonight’s episode of the ITV show to give judges an outside performance of his song BGT Baby.

When asked by Brunio Tonolio what it would mean to the musician to make it through to the next round, and even win the show, Danny said: “I want to show people that come from a small town like Huddersfield that it is possible to achieve their dreams.”

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And the freestyle rapper did something never done before, as he opened up his musical number by telling the judges he “thought he needed to take it outside” and left the stage through the fire exit.

Out on the red carpet, with a number of BGT fans lining the street behind barriers, Danny performed his catchy tune ‘BGT Baby’ which included repetition of the catchy chorus “See me on BGT baby, see me on your TV screen”, mixed in with the rapper’s freestyle verses.

And the performance wasn’t short on humour, as he made sure to make the audience part of his freestyling, which included pointing out a man who was wearing hat and singing the line “That’s a nice hat bro, yeah I’m a steal it”, which was shortly followed by him picking out another audience member and saying “nice comb over, got some nice hair”.

As Danny re-entered the building, he’d even managed to get judge Alesha Dixon up out of her chair and dancing and singing along.

Simon Cowell praised the act, saying: “I really liked it - a lot of people get three or four minutes on the show and they think they have to stay on the stage but you obviously had the idea to go off and do this. You did something different and you’ll be remembered for it.”

Alesha Dixon added: “I’m having a hot flush I enjoyed it that much - I’ve never seen anything like it,” while Amanda Holden “couldn’t get her head round it” and she said: “You must have so many words in your head.” Danny received a yes from all four of the show’s judges and has been sent through to the next round of the show.

But while the judges might have loved him, Danny’s performance gained mixed reaction from viewers online. Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, opinion on whether the performance was “cringe” or “catchy”, was divided, while others said the performance went on for “too long”.

@ollie_olly_olly said: “He’s been on that long they’ll be a ad break next up #BGT,” and @OliReading added: “#BGT the song goes on a bit.” @FacileTalk tweeted: “Original. He's nearly 30. He should have a proper job by now. Not doing this bedroom rapper stuff. #bgt”

@VintagePearlsx wrote: “Be signing this for the next few weeks #BGT #bgtbaby,” and @mlawelshwoman added: “The tune is definitely catchy for this guy who’s a freestyle rapper #BGT.” @mattypoop tweeted: “That was a bit cringe, especially from the judges #BGT.”

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