ITV Britain's Got Talent fans point out major issue with audition as they say 'but'

One performer defied both gravity and expectations on Britain's Got Talent
One performer defied both gravity and expectations on Britain's Got Talent -Credit:ITV

An unusual act that seemed to defy all expectations - and gravity - on Britain's Got Talent this evening.

The BGT judges were left confused when the show was plunged into darkness only for the lights to come on and reveal a performer seemingly dressed as Batman standing in front of them on stage. Refusing to answer his name or where he was from, the 40-year old man, billed as The Dark Hero, left the judges and the audience guessing as to what he was about to do.

Cue the opening bars of the song Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked, everyone watching was floored by the singing superhero's soaring operatic voice. In the bizarre, Susan Boyle-esque moment, Simon and the rest of the judging panel looked at each other in disbelief at the impressive voice - but why was he dressed as Batman?

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But it was half-way through the performance things got even weirder as The Dark Hero rose into the air suspended by wires to belt out the rest of the song. It was a baffling performance but one that drew cheers and gasps from the audience, and had the panel on their feet at the end.

Getting the full compliment of 'yes' votes from the panel, new judge Bruno Tonioli gushed: "Your baritone was just brilliant." Adding: "I love the show for this reason - it is an incredible adventure and you took us there."

Viewers watching the show took to X (formerly Twitter) expressed their astonishment at the quality of the The Dark Hero's voice, but they were puzzled by one detail - why was somebody dressed as Batman flying around the stage?

@Nikkdthomas, commented: "But batman can't fly? He should've dressed as superman, or an Astronaut."

@clm2071 was of the same mind, posting: "Bit pedantic but Batman can't fly. Also he can sing better."

@xxncisaddictxx, wrote: "Good voice but batman can't fly, he glides."

While a perplexed @chylerdyer, commented: "Ah British TV, the only place you’ll see batman singing an opera version of defying gravity while flying in the air."