ITV Britain's Got Talent judges blown away by Notts dancers and Bruno 'broke' golden buzzer

Bruno Tolioli addresses the crowd in dark green blazer, black shirt and black trousers on Britain's Got Talent, from stage, with boys behind him in white from dance group Phoenix Boys
Bruno Tolioli said he saw a glimpse of himself in the Phoenix Boys -Credit:ITV

Five Nottinghamshire youngsters were part of a dance group that got the golden buzzer on Britain's Got Talent after their stunning performance. Phoenix Boys members Jaxon Stewart, Thomas Waterfall, Charlie Bannister and Henry Pavier train at the Katie Wright School of Dance in Newthorpe and the Rollo Academy in Sneinton.

Their audition, aired on Saturday, May 18, saw judge Bruno Tolioli hit the golden buzzer after they had finished - so hard that he broke the button. In means they are automatically guaranteed a place in the live semi finals, and many of the boys were in tears on stage.

Taking to the stage to hug them and addressing the audience, Bruno said: "I had to. I know how hard it is. People don't really understand how hard it is to succeed as a dancer. The work that goes into it and the passion - you do it for love. And I felt that."

Alesha Dixon added: "Congratulations boys. I can see the emotional connection that Bruno felt and I knew that he could see himself in you."

Amanda Holden said: "I loved it. I loved the coreography. I really loved the power and the energy that you all have and I love the fact that there's an age difference between you all because I can see there's mentoring and care and friendship in this group so for me that meant everything."

Bruno added: "I can hardly speak but what touches people is when you really perform from your heart. The truth of your performance. That's really what remains in people's hearts and minds and you touched me and I think you touched everybody watching."

And Simon Cowell said: "What I really liked about all of you is that you only had a litle bit of time to do this. Three rehearsals is noting. I think Bruno's given you this great opportunity now that when you come back to the finals yoiu come back even better than what we saw today. Enjoy this moment. I know it means a lot."