ITV The Chase fans liken contestant to beloved TV star and say he's like a younger version

The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh
The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh -Credit:ITV

Fans of ITV's The Chase had to look twice as they thought TV star Rylan Clark had made an appearance on the show. Joining fellow contestants Alan, Fey, and Suzi was 24-year-old Theo, a social media manager.

Upon introducing himself, Theo shared: "I work for a competition company and we give out prizes every day - and I'm lucky enough that when people win those prizes, whether it be a car or cash, I go and give it to them."

When quizzed by host Bradley Walsh on how he would use any potential winnings, he answered: "If I'm going big - like £20,000 - then me and my sister have written a short film so we would probably get that made together and show it off at a film festival."

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Theo also revealed his passion for horror films, saying: "We're big into horror films and I've made them since I was 11. I've always wanted to be a big horror film director and us Brits are lacking one of those."

As the Londoner engaged in conversation with Brad, viewers of the ITV quiz show took to X (formerly Twitter) to express their admiration for him, reports the Mirror.. One viewer questioned the resemblance between a contestant and Rylan Clark-Neal, tweeting: "Is that @Rylan in seat 2? #thechase."

Theo on The Chase. He has a beard and is wearing a shite T shirt with a cargo jacket over the top.
The Chase viewers compared contestant Theo to Rylan Clark -Credit:ITV

Another added: "Reminds me of Rylan." A third chimed in with: "He looks like a young Rylan."

Theo only managed to answer three questions correctly in his cash-builder round, securing a potential £3,000 for the team's jackpot. Despite being offered a safer £1,000 and a riskier £30,000 by chaser Darragh 'The Menace' Ennis, Theo decided to stick with his original amount.

However, after a series of incorrect answers, Darragh quickly caught up with him, ending his run on the show. Fey and Alan performed better, making it to the final with a total of £12k. However, they only managed to accumulate 11 points, allowing Darragh to catch them with 57 seconds remaining on the clock.

Bradley and Darragh expressed that Fey and Alan would regret their performance when they watch the episode back, as they lost their composure and missed out on easy answers. The Chase is aired on ITV1 and ITVX every weekday at 5pm.