ITV The Chase fans all say the same thing after contestant gives 'hilarious' answer

Bradley Walsh
-Credit:(Image: ITV)

ITV The Chase viewers all had the same reaction after a contestant gave what they dubbed as a "hilarious" response to a question about British history. On Thursday's episode of the popular quiz show, four contestants pitted their wits against Jenny Ryan in hopes of winning some cash prizes.

Maidenhead's Lisa was the second player to go up against The Chaser during the cash appreciation round. The last query she faced involved the history of The Royal Family, specifically who had become King of England ten years after Queen Victoria's death.

The correct answer was George V, who ascended the throne in May 1910. But under pressure, Lisa blurted out: "Victoria the Second?" Several fans on social media expressed their amusement at Lisa's response, branding it as "hilarious."

One viewer remarked: "These oh so hilarious answers (Queen Victoria the second, and Chaka Khan recently) take longer to say than "pass" #thechase.", reports the Express.

Another jested: "Bradley: Which monarch was crowned 10 years after Queen Victoria's death? Me: King Victoria? ... #TheChase." A third uploaded a GIF of Ryan Gosling laughing and captioned it with: ""Queen Victoria II?" while another just typed: "Help" with laughing emojis. Lisa also blundered again in the next round against The Chaser when asked a question about a tennis player. Both were quizzed on Russian sportsman Karatsev and asked his first name.

The three potential answers were Aslan, Frodo and Hagrid, all iconic characters from beloved books. The correct answer was Aslan, but Lisa opted for Hagrid, much to the dismay of viewers.

One viewer took to Twitter, expressing disbelief: "Hagrid? ? ? Smh #TheChase", while another commented: "#thechase Lisa she did not survive."

It wasn't long before The Vixen caught up with her, eliminating Lisa from the quiz show. The rest of the team didn't fare much better against The Chaser. Only two contestants reached the final chase, with Bethany from Northampton being caught by The Vixen.

In the final round, Steve from Bath and Kristian from Cardiff teamed up but managed to answer only 12 questions correctly. Despite a jackpot of £11,000, they ended up leaving empty-handed as Jenny Ryan, The Vixen, caught them with ample time to spare.