ITV The Chase's Bradley Walsh baffled by 'wind up' as Merseyside player urged to put on lottery

Carole competed on today's edition of The Chase
Carole competed on today's edition of The Chase -Credit:ITV

The Chase's Bradley Walsh was taken aback by a Merseyside player's performance on today's show.

Graham, Jason, Carole and Riannon were testing their wits against Darragh Ennis on Thursday's edition of the programme. Graham and Jason started in fine form as they progressed into the Final Chase with £11,000.

Carole was aiming to join them and the 52-year-old from Wirral was hoping to spend any potential winnings on a holiday to Las Vegas with her husband. She earned £4,000 in an impressive cash builder before taking on the Menace.

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Carole started off strongly with a series of guesses bringing her closer to the Final Chase. Darragh was amazed by the showing as he said: "You should buy a lottery ticket. You are getting really good at guessing." Carole added: "Luck of the Irish."

Bradley was convinced Carole was thrown a trick question when he asked: "What species of catfish tricks other fish into raising its young for them inside their mouths."

Carole went for "cuckoo catfish" but Bradley's suspicions were raised. He said: "I don't think there's such a thing as a cuckoo catfish. I think it's a wind up."

The host was proved to be incorrect as Carole's luck continued to be within one step of the last round. Bradley joked: "What do I know about this show? Absolutely nothing."

However, the Menace fought back and proceeded to eliminate the Merseyside contestant. The Chaser also eliminated Riannon so it was just Graham and Jason in the last round.

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