ITV Coronation Street fans ask 'why' as Roy Cropper makes tough decision

Roy Cropper has a medical episode in prison on Monday night, April 29.
Roy Cropper has a medical episode in prison on Monday night, April 29. -Credit:ITV

Corrie fans were crushed over the latest choice that Roy Cropper felt he had to make.

A firm favourite on the ITV soap, Roy is currently being held in custody charged with the murder of Lauren Bolton who went missing from the cobbles earlier this year. Lauren was last seen in February after being sacked from her job at Roy's Rolls after weeks of unusual behaviour.

She was visited at home by a mystery person who viewers never got to see. Alone in his cell, Roy is clearly trying to remember something ahead of Lauren's disappearance involving Max Turner but he cannot piece together what happened and why it is so significant.

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Due for a visit with Nina Lucas, everything that has been taking a toll on Roy appears to reach breaking point. A prison guard finds him out cold on the concrete floor of his cell and Roy is rushed to hospital.

Carla Barlow is desperate to find out if Roy is OK and if he has spoken out about Bobby Crawford's secret. She is dealt an extra devastating blow to find out that Roy has knocked her off his approved list of prison visitors and that he wants no further contact with her after getting further embroiled in lies to the police.

Fans appear to be just as devastated at the thought, with many taking to X (Twitter) about the decision. One fan, with tearful emojis aplenty, asked: "Corrie what have you done? This is an absolute disgrace breaking up Roy and Carla's friendship."

Another said: "Now why did Corrie have to ruin Roy and Carla's friendship? We really can't have nice things any more."

A third used some sad-faced emojis as they wrote: "Roy ending his friendship with Carla. I know she did the wrong thing, but I hope he forgives her."

Meanwhile, Paul's radio interview about his motor neurone disease with Amy Barlow takes an unfortunate turn when he swears on air. But, worry turns to happiness when the interview turned out to be a hit and sparked a fundraiser to be set up for Paul's mission to secure support for others with his condition locally.

Also, Steve McDonald lightens the mood as he begins to get a string of successes when he enters the world of online dating. Viewers will see him fumble about this week as he balances not one but three dates with prospective partners.

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